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Everything you need to know about Cannabis Vape cartridge

The vape cartridge is filled with cannabis oil. It is usually made of glass. It can hold minimum of one or half grams of oil. The vape cartridge is usually referred to cape carts or vape pens. In this article, let us discuss about cannabis vape cartridge.

What is a vape cartridge?

The cannabis industry is growing day by day. As it grows, the options for cartridge are also increasing. There are electronic cigarettes, vape pens, cartridges and various other products. Of these, electronic cigarettes have gained their popularity. The cartridges and the vape pens are just becoming popular.

Some of the cannabis vape cartridges come with pre-filled cannabis oil. The amount of oil in these cartridges is around one gram or half gram.

What is filled in vape cartridges?

Though most of the cartridges are pre-filled, some of the cartridges allow the users to choose their filling. For instance, you can choose THC distillate or CBD-dominant cartridge. The THC distillate is oil like substance. It is produced by removing all the elements in the cannabis. The cannabis vape cartridges entering the market are in the ratio of 1:1::THC:CBD. This means, the demand and usage of different types of cartridges are almost the same.

How Vape Cartridges Working

The vape cartridges in the pens use batteries. The battery powers the atomizer. Atomizer is a device used to spray liquids. The atomizer has a small nozzle. The fluid, that is, the cannabis oil or the THC distillate is forced through this nozzle by a high speed air. Friction is created between the oil molecules and air molecules. The frictional force pushes the oil molecules at high speed. This sprays the liquid.

There are other vape cartridges that work under the principle of heating. The batteries power the heating element in the cartridge. The heating element heats the oil and vaporizes it. The vapor is then inhaled by the user.

Why should you use vape cartridges?

The cannabis vape cartridge is easy to use. It is easier to consume the cannabis through these cartridges as compared to other methods such as dab rigs, oil consumption, edibles or nail setups.

What is the difference between dabbing and vape cartridges?

Dabbing is inhaling oil vapors. The process began in the Americas in 1950s-60s. During the process, the oil is heated to extreme temperatures to produce vapors. The dabs created in the process are very strong. This is because of the high temperatures. On the other hand, in vape cartridges the oil is heated to a moderate heat. It is heated only to temperatures required to convert the oil into vapors. The conversion happens in low temperature and therefore the vapors are not that strong as that of those created in the process of dabbing.

Is using vape cartridges better than tincture?

Tincture is the method of consuming cannabis by suspending the cannabis oil in alcohol. You take couple of oil drops in your mouth. And then take a sip of alcohol. Now you spread the mixture in your mouth completely. Absorb the flavors. Repeat the process for a few minutes till you feel relaxed and then swallow. On the other hand, the process using cannabis vape cartridge is quick. Also, it is not as strong as that of tinctures. Though you use the same cannabis oil in both the methods, the effect created in vape cartridges is comparatively less. Therefore, the health benefits of using vape cartridges are higher as compared to that of tinctures.


The cannabis vape cartridges are easy to use as compared to any other methods. This is because of their design. They are sleek and therefore can be concealed in any small pouches. Also, consuming cannabis using the cartridges does not produce odor or smoke.


The dosing is the biggest concern for the beginners. Nobody wants to face an embarrassing situation in their path of enjoyment. Sometimes, consuming cannabis becomes an overwhelming situation for beginners.  Unlike tinctures and dabbing, cannabis vape cartridges give more control over your dosages. Therefore, beginners can take in very little amount.

What are the concentrates used in the cartridge?

You can use distillate concentrates, carbon dioxide oil concentrates, full spectrum oil concentrates and vape pen additives in cartridges. Let us discuss about these concentrates one by one:

Distillate concentrates

The distillate concentrates are cannabis oils. They are extracted by removing all the elements. For instance, the THC distillate is produced by removing all the other elements in the cannabis. The odors and flavors of the elements are also removed.

The distillates are produced by the process of refining. During the process, the cannabis loses most of their terpenes.

Carbon Dioxide Concentrates

The carbon dioxide oils are compatible with almost all types of cannabis vape cartridges. They do not require any additives to vaporize the liquid in the atomizer. The main advantage of using carbon dioxide concentrates is that they help to maintain the original cannabis flavor. This is mainly because unlike distillate concentrates, the terpenes are not removed in carbon dioxide concentrates. This means the experience of using carbon dioxide concentrates is richer.

Full spectrum oil concentrates

The full spectrum oil concentrates consists of different types of cannabis elements such as CBD, THC, terpenes, CBN etc. These are the only concentrates to contain almost all the psychoactive elements in the cannabis. In other words, they create a complete entourage effect of cannabis.

What is entourage effect?

The full spectrum oil concentrates are the only cannabis vape cartridges to exhibit entourage effect. Entourage effect is defined as the effect produced by the elements in the cannabis plant when taken together. For instance, when you take all the elements together, they create anesthetic conditions. On the other hand, when you take a single element like THC distillate alone, it creates therapeutic experiences. Therefore, entourage effect is not applicable to all forms of cannabis. It is usually used in medicinal purposes.

Hope my guide on cannabis vape cartridge was helpful and informative. Though there are different types of cartridges available in the market, choose the ones that are appropriate to your use.

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