Hand Trimmed Shake 1:1 THC:CBD

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Marijuana trim is a collection of leaves, stems, and trimmed pieces of flower, that contain high level of cannabinoids. Cannabis trim is perfect for making all types of hash, edibles, tinctures, oils, and even palliative CBD and THC-infused products like lotions and creams

Cannabis shake can be used in several ways, including:

  1. Smoking: You can smoke shake just like regular buds by rolling it into a joint, packing it into a bowl, or using it in a vaporizer.
  2. Edibles: Shake can be used to make cannabis-infused butter or oil for cooking or baking. Since shake is usually less expensive than whole buds, using it to make edibles can be a cost-effective way to create potent cannabis-infused treats.
  3. Tinctures: Shake can also be used to make cannabis tinctures by steeping it in high-proof alcohol. Tinctures can be used sublingually or added to drinks and food.
  4. Topicals: Shake can be used to make cannabis topicals by infusing it into oils, lotions, or balms. Cannabis topicals are applied directly to the skin and are believed to have therapeutic properties.

Overall, shake can be a versatile and cost-effective option for cannabis users who want to try different consumption methods or save money on their purchases.

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