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What is Sativa Weed?

Cannabis sativa was first classified by Carl Linnaeus in the mid-18th century, but its role in human history began long before that. Cannabis sativa is an annual herbaceous flowering plant indigenous to Eastern Asia, but now of cosmopolitan distribution due to widespread cultivation.

Compared to Indica plants, cannabis Sativa weed tends to be larger with leaves that are much more narrow. Sativa also take on a lighter green color than their Indica relatives. Their flavors and aromas tend to be relatively earthy and musky. In addition, sativa usually contain more CBD than THC, while indica and certain hybrids tend to hold more THC. This is the reason sativa are often used for relieving anxiety. In addition to CBD and THC, Sativa plants can hold nearly 500 other compounds.  These are the plants that contain the highest amounts of THC and CBD and produce psychoactive effects.  Physically, it is characterized by shorter stems and narrow leaves. It is considered most useful for its functions. It can be used as a source of hemp fiber and perhaps paper, depending on the anatomy of its stem. The most popular Sativa strains in the industry include Durban Poison, Acapulco Gold, and Panama Red.

Sativa Strain Medical Benefits

Cannabis flower, whether it’s a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid, has a massive variety of important medical benefits and can treat a number of both physical and psychological ailments. Sativa strains, in particular, are very beneficial in treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other psychiatric conditions. These strains are also great for relieving mild chronic pain as well as mild aches and inflammation. Sativa are even effective in promoting focus and motivation in those who struggle with certain attention disorders.

Sometimes indica weed can make you feel lazy and too overly relaxed and sometimes even antisocial while out in public. With sativa weed, you don’t have to worry about all that since it tends to make you more alert and sociable.

Effects of Sativa Weed

Sativa Strain Positive Effects

Some of the more common benefits associated with cannabis sativa weed include uplifted mood, energy, focus, and overall peace. Many claims increased happiness and overall mood.  Some Sativa strains provide an energetic, focused and creative high that will get you through your day. Consuming Sativa may help you feel productive, more alert, and less anxious. It may also help you feel more comfortable in social situations by easing your mind and letting the conversation flow freely. Many people even claim that Sativas help enhance the benefits of certain physical activities such as yoga. Stronger sativas have been known to produce mildly hallucinogenic or “spacey” effects. The energy-boosting effects of sativas are why they are usually more ideal for daytime use, as consuming before bed may lead to trouble sleeping.

Sativa Strain Side Effects

The most noteworthy side effect of potent cannabis sativa is that taking too much can make you feel dizzy, disoriented, and paranoid. We recommend preparing your dose only after checking the THC level of the strain you’re using. Sativa weed usually contains a higher amount of THC than CBD — that’s the reason behind most of its negative effects.

Cottonmouth and dry and red eyes are almost certain if you take too much. Just keep some refreshments close at hand and you will be fine. Also, try not to smoke too much at once; take it easy, gauge how high you feel before consuming more. Same thing applies if you’re into edibles.

However, predicting the exact effects of a certain strain just by its indica/sativa classification often turns out to be inaccurate; different sativa strains can provide different effects; we recommend consulting a budtender and trying different strains till you find the right one for you.

Types of Sativa Weed

There are not many full 100% sativa strains in Canada, however, there are tons of sativa dominant hybrids. Many people classify anything 75% sativa and over to be a sativa strain.  This is just a general rule and everyone is different. Most 100% strains are land-race strains.

It is believed that some marijuana strains have managed to retain 100% of their sativa genetics, making them invaluable. These include:

Durban Poison Strain

Red Congolese Strain

Some of the most popular and commonly purchased sativa dominant cannabis strains in Canada include:

Amnesia Haze
Ghost Train Haze
Jack Herer
King Tut
Love Potion
Sour Diesel
Strawberry Cough
Super Lemon Haze

How to take Sativa Weed?

Understand what you’re trying to achieve 

People take Sativa weed for many different reasons. For some, they’ve had a creative block for far too long, and they absolutely need to put something down. For other people, stress from work and life generally has been a major problem. Finding a way to relax is imperative, and a two-hour nap just wouldn’t cut it. For another group of people, coming out of their shells to have fun every now and then is a bit of a challenge.

Cannabis can help with virtually all these challenges. However, there are different strains created to assist in different ways. Before making a purchase, decide what you want to use your cannabis for. That way, you wouldn’t be spending on something that wouldn’t serve you beyond a few minutes of laughs.

Know how much Sativa Weed you can tolerate

All humans generally share similar physiology. However, we still differ in many ways. These include such nuances as eye color, hair length, lip shape, and yes, Sativa tolerance.

So, as you set out on your journey to get some of that good kush, keep your tolerance level in mind. If you do not know your tolerance level yet, we’ll strongly advise that you start with small doses. This is especially so if being a beginner hasn’t helped you discover your tolerance level.

Consider your medical history

Cannabis is a natural plant. It grows in different parts of the world under different conditions. Being natural, like many others of its kind, the plant isn’t poised to cause you a significant amount of harm. This is especially so if you consume it responsibly.

The best course of action for this factor is to see your medical practitioner. They’ll be in the best position to explain your potential health risks to you.

How to store Sativa Weed?

There are many specialized storage containers on the market, but you don’t need anything fancy to store your stash properly.

Glass is widely considered the best material for Sativa weed storage over plastic or metal. Webb says that metal can affect the taste and aroma of your flower, and that plastic creates a static charge that causes the plant to break apart and lose its trichomes, or the crystal-like tips of the Sativa flower that contain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

For the best long-term results, an airtight glass container is your best bet — you can even go the extra mile and opt for a UV-proof glass container. But for most people, mason jars will do the trick — you’ll just want to store the jar out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Besides that, make sure your stash fits snugly inside the container. Packing the jar as tightly as possible will leave little space for oxygen to get trapped inside, which can affect the quality and humidity.

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For example, to create an account with Herb Haven you need to give personal information that includes a name, date of birth, and an address based in Canada.

Once this information is provided, the website completes a quick background check to verify the age and identification of the buyer. Should the system not manage to verify your age you can upload an image of federal or provincial ID. After your age is verified, you are free to purchase cannabis products from Herb Haven, where you can buy up to 30 grams of cannabis per transaction.