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What is Grade AAAA Weed?

AAAA Weed or “Quads” is premium weed, or top-shelf weed that is more or less considered to be the best. AAAA grade weed will rank high in all criteria including THC/CBD content, aesthetics, bud size, trichome, and terpenoid content. AAAA weed is also highly pungent, and dank, you’ll get a strong aroma and taste from this kind of cannabis with a nice smooth clean burning smoke. While you will likely wind up paying a reasonable price to buy AAAA weed of this quality online, what you’re getting in return is very much worth the price tag.

AAAA weed is slightly more expensive, usually because of the higher THC levels. To maintain such high levels of THC and CBD, all The AAAA grade weed strain quality buds need to be preserved carefully in order to keep the trichomes intact. In fact, you might be able to easily see these trichomes or the hairy like structures at the end of the buds.

While there are more high and low quality strains available, AAAA weed strain does hold its own in the market. AAAA weed users are people who want a strong, high quality, color.

AAAA vs. AAAA Plus Weed

One of the Mail Order questions Marijuana dispensaries were all asked the same question: “What’s the difference between AAAA vs. AAAA+ weed, which one to choose?

The criteria for distinguishing between grade weeds are not straightforward. However, as one of the oldest in the business, Herb Haven online cannabis stores have strict standards and we have the answers.

Both AAAA and AAAA+ grades have deep and brilliant hues with touches of green, orange, purple, pink, or blue. Both have powerful and pleasant aromas and a dense layer of trichomes looking like sugar crystals.

However, AAAA+ weed is always handpicked, and stored with extreme care with almost no chemical processing. This ensures that each nugget remains intact and is full of trichomes. As a result, you will receive a product almost completely untouched, with THC levels which are truly through the roof.

Whereas in the AAAA weed, not all flowers might be the same perfect nugs. Nonetheless, the buds are still thick and green, with lesser amounts of trichomes, and hence slightly lower THC levels. However, AAAA weed is highly purchased, since its effects and THC levels are more than enough to fulfill the needs and desires of many Canadians.

3. How to Buy AAAA Weed Online in Canada at Herb Heaven

The medicinal benefits of recreational cannabis have helped many people. Today, more than ever Canadians are using weed to combat anxiety, stress and burnout. The best quality grass not only helps you rest and relax, but it is also a great way to recharge and boost your energy for the week ahead.

However, not every online or physical store has really quality AAAA weed products that live up to its name. And that always makes the “experiencer” always right when choosing.

Fortunately, when you buy AAAA weed in Canada at Herb Haven, you can rest assured, as all of our products undergo careful grading and management. Our team ensures that all products are thoroughly tested for fragrance, mold, color, feel, appearance, flammability, side effects and after use etc.

You can therefore rest assured that all the AAAA weed strains you order from us will have high THC levels, a strong and intense aroma, and the colorful presence of lots of yellow and orange trichomes.

We are a simple online stage where you can find the best weed products. You choose the amount of AAAA weed you want, after we confirm your age, we will deliver it to your home in Canada for you to enjoy.