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What is Grade AAAA+ Weed?

AAAA+ weed or Craft Cannabis. This quality of cannabis is loosely defined and it can have several names; AAAA+, AAAA++, high quads, or true quads. These terms are mostly used by brick & mortar and online dispensaries in Canada, and are considered to be the most potent, and highest quality strains available in the market. In my experience,  AAAA+ weed simply means that the flower is AAAA quality but with spectacular attributes that can’t be ignored or overlooked.

Also referred to by AAAA+, Chronic, Dank, High Quads, and a variety of other names, only the best of the best canabis are reserved for this category. AAAA+ weed has the highest THC levels and is the freshest, thickest, and full of trichomes.

What all of this guarantees is the perfect high, and a fulfillment of everything you desire and want from your weed.

The AAAA+ grade weed strain itself will have a darkish color, be full of trichomes, and have the strongest aroma you have ever experienced. Being completely natural and having almost zero chemical treatment, AAAA+ weed has no side effects and guarantees the most intense experience ever. You will not be able to find better quality weed than this.

Characteristics and Qualities Herb Haven check for

Our AAAA+ weed line is reserved for our highest grade flower. A lot of care and attention was put into growing these strains. Clean white ash, smooth smoke, strong nose. The appearance will be thick and full of trichomes. Most of our AAAA+ weed strains will also be craft grown.

How to Buy AAAA+ Weed Online in Canada at Herb Haven

The AAAA+ grading weed system is slowly being adopted by many mail order marijuana dispensaries all over Canada.

However, not all of them truly have such high quality weed, and many are simply selling you low standard buds at higher prices.

As you know AAAA+ weed is the top of the line cannabis grades and has a hefty price tag compared to other strains, although in Canada it is slowly gaining popularity you can totally buy AAAA+ weed online in Canada at Herb Haven. Our products are always carefully selected with strict grading standards.

While it is true that AAAA+ weed tends to be more expensive, however, some dispensaries do have fair and justified prices. As the oldest online dispensary in business, Herb Haven has some of the best AAAA+ weed strains, at competitive prices too.

You can simply upload your ID picture and get the weed delivery at your doorstep in Canada. In the event that you would prefer not to leave your home, you can purchase weed online on Herb Heaven. On the off chance that you need to visit a store, you can look at the underneath list for the best cannabis Shop in Canada.