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What is Grade AAA Weed?

Back in the day, AAA weed was the best, and the highest you can go. This mid grade weed level AAA Cannabis or “Trips” is still high quality potent weed with respectable THC levels. But, nowadays growing techniques and cultivators have improved on everything and bumped up weed into a higher class and rating, entering into the premium weed class, or AAAA grade weed

AAA weed is common and easy to find in Canada, plus it’s friendlier on the pocket book. Herb Haven online shop has lots of good examples of AAA weed with fantastic prices.

Why? Because everything in AAA weed and above is lush green, thick, with purple, yellow and orange hairs and full of visible trichome crystals.

The widespread availability of AAA weed is completely justified by its high demand. With moderate THC and CBD levels, a pungent aroma, and just enough trichomes to fulfill all of your desires.

Meanwhile, our AAA weed strain will also make sure that your emotions and energy get the boost you need at the end of a busy week, and make sure you are completely recharged.

AAA vs. AAAA Weed

People often wonder about the differences between the different grades of weed, such as the difference between AAA and AAAA, or between AAAA and AAAAA. However, not all dispensaries are able to answer these questions, because not all of them have quality control standards.

One such difference people ask about is between AAA and AAAA grade weed. But you do not need to worry, because Herb Haven has your answer.

Both AAA and AAAA weed have high quality weed with thick, colorful flowers and high THC levels. However, AAA quality grade, also known as Trips, is a good weed quality with a poorer bud density and aesthetics than the grade AAAA weed. The AAA Weed will be potent, with a strong smell. Where it misses the mark may be the appearance compared to AAAA or the burn. The ash may be peppery/dark vs clean and white.

AAA weed strain quality on the other hand also packs a nice punch, and will help you relax quickly and efficiently. However, its THC levels are lower than that of AAAA quality, and it also has a lighter smell. As a result, it is better suited for the occasional and average users who only want to relax and recharge.

How to Buy AAA Weed Online in Canada at Herb Haven

If you’ve ever heard the term “trips” before in reference to weed, it was most likely an indication of the grade of the stuff you were smoking. Trips is another way of saying AAA weed, which is the “middle of the road” level weed to buy online in Canada. AAA weed is the most commonly smoked today.

While nearly all online dispensaries do stock grade AAA weed, not all of them have the same products or even the same quality. This is simply because of the fact that there is no standardized grading system for weed. Each dispensary conducts its own quality checks and grades its own products.

However, as one of the oldest dispensaries in business, Herb Haven has some of the strictest quality standards in the industry. Each flower goes through careful grading and curating processes, where it is checked not only for its color and appearance, but also for any defects, burn to ash ratio, and side effects. Only after all this, the flower is made available for sale to the public. If you are looking to buy AAA weed you just need to provide your ID and we will provide you with weed delivery in Canada. We are also happy to have a huge number of happy customers with thousands of happy reviews. Our sole dedication to providing premium weed products brings joy to our customers. We urge you not to deal with black market dealers as we offer you legally allowed to sell AAA weed. Herb Heaven is a cannabis shop in Canada which operates online. We send the weed delivery in Canada at your doorstep.