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What is Grade AA Weed?

Finding quality flowers in AA grade and below can be difficult. Sure Grade AA weed is cheaper, but not many dispensaries stock this grade cannabis. Why? Because the lower prices are met with lower quality and lower THC levels, which not many people want to buy. Thus, not many dispensaries stock AA grade cannabis.

AA weed or “dubs”, or budget buds is more or less the lowest grade and rating of cannabis you will find from dispensaries in Canada.

AA grade cannabis appeals to the budget minded crowd and to those looking to make their own edibles and concentrates. With AA cannabis, you generally get what you pay for, but sometimes you will find a diamond in the rough and get your hands on some decent AA flower. Herb Haven online shop is a good example of this and has some good quality AA grade cannabis.

AA vs. AAA Weed

One of the most common queries weed dispensaries get asked every year is regarding the difference between AA and AAA quality weed. Since both grades are low priced and have lower quality than AAAA grade, the confusion is plainly visible and justifiable as well.

However, you do not need to worry, since we will be answering this question right here. As one of the oldest cannabis shops in Canada, we have strict quality standards and carefully grade each flower based on its look, smell, ash output, and after effects.

AA buds might have a less spectacular appearance than their higher-graded cannabis relatives. They usually have darker or faded and a bit messier flowers, with trichomes, delicately hiding in the flower structure.

But these lovely AA weeds still have a lot inside to surprise even the most seasoned smoker. AA weed may contain up to 20% of THC and some strains have even more.

When compared to AA, AAA grade cannabis tends to be greener and thicker, with a stronger and more pungent smell and higher THC levels. Users can clearly differentiate between the two since AAA weeds have purple, yellow and orange colored trichome hairs. Lastly in terms of strength, this grade of cannabis will give you a nice high, and help you relax deeply after a long and stressful week.

While the AA weed flower is weaker in terms of smell and THC strength, and has a darker, brownish shade, it is by no means without its benefits. Considerably less expensive than AAA weed, grade AA weed is more suited to meet the needs of those with budget constraints and limited cash. At the same time, the low THC means that you can smoke this grade at any time, without worrying about any consequences.

How to Buy AA Weed Online in Canada at Herb Haven

If you are on a fixed budget, or are simply looking for some cheap weed, you might find yourself being forced to look at grade AA weed. While this grade is considerably cheaper, it also tends to have lower quality than the AAA or AAAA weed.

The bargain price tag is perhaps the most appealing feature of AA weed or “buds”, and it certainly is appealing if you simply can’t afford to keep smoking the top-shelf stuff all of the time. Don’t get it twisted, though一low price does not mean low quality. You will certainly not get some bells and whistles that come with higher grades with AA, but you will certainly get something of considerable value.

At Herb Haven, we stock quite a few different, low cost, high quality AA strains, all of which have been carefully inspected and curated. Be sure to go through our reviews section to see how they have helped numerous users all over Canada before making a purchase.

In order to buy AA weed online in Canada at Herb Haven simply sign up, provide your personal information, and you’re done! There is absolutely nothing to worry about because all your personal details are kept safe, as is your marijuana (which is delivered to your address discreetly). By creating the account, you gain access to potentially unlimited products and pot paraphernalia right at your fingertips. Irrespective of your preferred brand, all Canadian dispensaries are registered and credible, which means you can safely make your purchase from any of them.