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Things you should know before you try Cannabis Edibles

The cannabis is taken in different forms. Some use cannabis powder or marijuana for smoking. Some others use it as hashish. Few others use cannabis in its distillate form called THC distillate. There is another method of using cannabis, that is, in its edible form and is known as cannabis edibles. The cannabis in its edible form consists of decarboxylated cannabinoids.

In smoking, the cannabis powder is inhaled. Here the smoke enters the lungs and from there it reaches the blood stream to give the psychoactive effect. When the cannabis is ingested or used as edibles, it is taken orally. Here it enters through the mouth and reaches the stomach. It is then digested in the stomach and then enters the blood stream. Therefore, it takes a while to feel the effect of cannabis when taken orally. Here in this article, I give you the things you should know before using cannabis edibles.

Effects of the edibles

The edibles made from cannabis contain THC. THC is Tetra Hydro Cannabinol. It is the THC in these edibles that make you high. The effects of cannabis edible are sleepiness, relaxation, hallucinations, dizziness, euphoria, depersonalization, paranoia and derealization.

Edibles take time to affect the users as compared to smoking.

Top reasons to consume cannabis edible

The cannabis in the form of edibles may seem relatively new. However, they have existed more for more than thousand years. They gained popularity when Mary Jane Rathbun invented brownies made of cannabis. It was crafted to subside the pain of AIDS patients.

Here are the top reasons why you should take cannabis in its edible form:


The cannabis edibles are healthier. This is because when the cannabis or marijuana is inhaled, it affects the lungs. Also, the cannabis smoke is carcinogenic. They affect the health of your respiratory system. The cannabis smoke inflammates your respiratory track. The best smoke free alternative is the edibles. The edibles help to avoid the ill effects of cannabis smoke and alongside it also helps you enjoy the benefits.

Easier to use

The Cannabis edibles do not leave a trace. It means the side effects of using the cannabis in its edible form are very less. It is far less as compared to vaping or smoking.

Effects are longer and potent

Though the edibles take time to bring in the effect when ingested, they last longer. The THC in the cannabis is taken orally in the edible form. It enters the stomach and is digested. The digested THC enters into the blood stream and produces the psychoactive effects. Therefore, the effects of cannabis is felt after it is completely digested. The digestion time is the time taken by the edibles to bring in the effects. This means your cannabis should enter the small intestine for absorption.

Benefits of cannabis edibles

Ingesting cannabis in their edible form develops a consistent and precise routine. Therefore, the overall intake of cannabis reduces. You start going by time and by your mood swings or stress. This way you can also stay healthier.

The cannabis edibles help in pain relief such as chronic pain, total pain or neurological pain. Also, it helps in reducing cancer related pain. The neuro protective properties in cannabis help in preventing muscle spasms and epileptic seizures. Also, they help in reducing diabetic symptoms. When taken in the right amount they help in alleviating conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. They also help in managing inflammation.

Why do the effects of cannabis edibles last longer than smoking and vaping?

The other cannabis forms like marijuana powder, hashish, THC distillates, etc produce the psychoactive effects within a short period of time. But their effects are short lived. On the other hand, the cannabis edibles take time to reveal the effects but the effects are long lived. This is because when you ingest it orally, the THC in the cannabis is sent to liver. In the liver, the THC is processed into its more potential form called 11-hydroxy THC.

The onset time of the effect of cannabis is determined by several factors. They are tolerance level of the user, dose size, user metabolism, user food habits, etc. If you are already taking cannabis by smoking, then go slow with the edibles. Give time for your body to metabolize the edible.

Cannabis edibles take time to bring in psychoactive effects

Normally your digestive system takes two to six hours to digest and absorb the food. Digestion happens in stomach and absorption happens in large intestine and small intestine. The cannabis taken in edible form produces the effects only after it enters the small intestine. This happens after six hours of food ingestions. For this reason cannabis edibles take time to bring in psychoactive effects.

Wait for two hours

When you are taking cannabis in its edible form, go slow. Wait for two hours before taking the next. As the edibles take time to show their effects, you should wait patiently. If you are smoking or vaping cannabis then the waiting or going slow may be a challenge for you. If you are not relieved, it does not mean you can take more.

Why should I wait before taking the next dose?

If you are bored or frustrated, you may tend to assume that the first dose did not work. And you may tend to take more. Wait before you take more. In order to learn the importance of waiting, you should know about interaction between your body and the cannabis. The CBD, THC and other elements in the cannabis interact with the endo-cannabinoid system. This system occurs naturally in every human and is within him since his birth. The endo-cannabinoid system has many receptors. These receptors are responsible for your mood swings, appetite, memory, perception, body temperature and more importantly pain. When you ingest cannabis edible, their potential to interact with the endo-cannabinoid system is very high. When you take more or overdose yourself, you may end up collapsing the endo-cannabinoid system. For this reason, you should wait patiently before taking the next dose.

Is it legal?

It is legal to use cannabis edible in Canada.

Tips to use cannabis edibles

Traditionally, people take cannabis in the form of candies. Today, there are several innovative ways of ingesting the cannabis. You can use it along with baking ingredients and cooking ingredients. Also, you can use it as a topping for your meals. There is honey, butter, sauce and oils made of cannabis. Check the concentration of THC in these edibles before buying them. Use your creativity. You can also use them along with your cupcake frosting or topping.

Store edibles safely

Always store the cannabis edibles in a safe place. Make sure they are kept away from kids and pets. Visitors who do not know what is in that may eat it accidentally and become high!

You can always take your first dose in evening. This helps you feel relaxed and also gives you a good night sleep. If you are trying the cannabis edible for the first time then I suggest you take it in the evening. This way you can adjust the dose the next time to stay awake. Also, you can prevent yourself from overdosing the first time.

Hope my guide on cannabis edibles were informative and helpful!